The Elizabeth and Katherine Crouch Poetry Blog

The Board of Directors has named this blog The Elizabeth and Katherine Crouch Poetry Blog in honor of the instrumental way Elizabeth guided Noorthoek Academy for over thirty years. It also celebrates Katy's desire to attend college in the 1980's. We are forever grateful for their direction and dedication to Noorthoek Academy.

Every year a volume of student work is published. Students are encouraged to explore themes that interest them – self-realization, personal relationships, and the natural world. Often, poems are inspired by one of a broad range of subjects explored in the curriculum.

“The poets from Noorthoek Academy reflect a wonderful collection of voices that approach these themes with a refreshing sense of honesty, wonder, and imagination.

The poems they create are brave and forthright, without pretense or guile; in other words, these pieces are truly touching and poignant in how they connect with their readers.” –Linda Nemec Foster, Grand Rapids’ First Poet Laureate, 2003-2005