Meet Denise Zalsman

Student Spotlight

Denise Zalsman is the student representative on the Noorthoek Academy Board of Directors.
She comes with a great deal of experience. Denise graduated from Central High School and
then attended Community Based Occupational Training. While learning in this program Denise
worked at Olds Manor and GVSU. She is an advocate for public transportation and has seen
great improvement since she made a presentation to the local decision makers.

Denise is very active in her church. She loves cheering on the Lions and the Packers. She also
enjoys sharing her appreciation for Noorthoek with others, especially in promoting the Big Step
Walk. Denise and her mentor, Cindi, gained generous contributions from many new supporters
this year.

In 2021 Denise received an Honorary Degree from GRCC for being a Noorthoek Academy
student for twenty years. Lifelong learning comes naturally to Denise. We are grateful for her
willingness to serve in this vital way.