Meet Cathy Marie Ling

Student Spotlight

Cathy is very active and inspiring in all she does! She serves on Noorthoek’s new Student Leadership Club/Aktion Club and the 2018/19 Board of Trustee’s as a Student Representative.

She has lived in Grand Rapids since 1977. In the different schools she attended, Cathy was always a teacher’s helper. She gave co-students spelling and reading tests, and then corrected them. She loves helping her teachers and learning about different things that are going on in our world! Cathy graduated from Kent Occupational HIGH school in 1979 and worked at Saint Mary’s Hospital and Hope Network. Her family was very proud of her with graduating and having a job.

When Cathy was injured at work in 1993 she couldn’t work anymore. That’s when she found out about Noorthoek Academy and how much I wanted to be a student there. Her family said, ” go for it!”

She has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 16 years, a great 16 years!! She started in the winter of 2002. In 2018, She gave the welcoming speech at the Celebration on May 9.

Cathy enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society in Walker. She says, “The time that I’m there just flies by really fast, because, I’m doing something that I enjoy, and love doing very much!” Cathy is also a member at Grace Christian Reformed Church. She’s been a member there for 20 years. She volunteers in the clothing/ food pantry for 10 years. She has also been in their Folk Choir and Praise Team Choir.

Cathy’s mom was very special to her. They were always so close, her best friend! This is Cathy’s poem about her Mom.

Voices of our Ancestors

Do you hear your mother’s voice in the distance,
on the wind?
Whispering tales of days long gone?
Take a seat, rest,
listen as the stories weave through the trees,
looping you into the fabric of your ancestors.
Making you as one.