• Arts and Sciences 100 – HISTORY OF THE ADA- The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 and is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. This class will focus on the disability rights movement and how the ADA changed America. We will also explore the challenges that exist in the movement today.

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    Limited to 10 students Check if interested. Due to limited size look for final confirmation. This class will offer students the opportunity to read the book Wonder by RJ Palacio. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the themes in the story by sharing experiences and ideas. Students will need a copy of the book that we are reading together. This can be an audio book.
    Limited to 15 students Check if interested. Due to limited size look for final confirmation. Join GRCC professor Leigh Kleinert and her students to learn about the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular systems in a lab setting. Students will work closely with a GRCC student for TWO fun and informative lab experiences. There is no cost for this class.
    In partnership with the Grand Rapids Kiwanis Club, we offer this FREE leadership club with a focus on serving GRCC and the community in creative ways.
    In partnership with Special Olympics of Michigan we offer FREE SOMIfit. It is a health and fitness program that includes 15 minutes of health education and 45 minutes of an inclusive workout each week. All fitness levels are welcome to join! This class is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about their health and be involved with a community of individuals looking to do the same.
  • TUITION- To be paid after you receive the confirmation. (Scholarships are available for those in financial need). $250 per semester for (1) ONE class $400 per semester for (2) TWO classes
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