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  • Arts and Sciences 100 – BACK IN TIME- THE EARLY 1900's- Students will learn about the major historical and cultural events that took place from 1900 - 1919. Some of the topics that will be included are the women's suffrage movement and World War I, as well as major inventions such as the radio and the airplane.

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    Limited to 10 students Check if interested. Due to limited size look for final confirmation. This class will read together and discuss the book A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman. This is a story of a grumpy old man whose world gets turned around when a young family moves into his neighborhood. Students will be required to borrow a copy of the book in order to follow along with the audio recording. *This book is being released as a motion picture starring Tom Hanks*
    Limited to 15 students Check if interested. Due to limited size look for final confirmation. Join GRCC professor Leigh Kleinert and her students to learn about the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular systems in a lab setting. Students will work closely with a GRCC student for TWO fun and informative lab experiences. There is no cost for this class.
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