Yvonne’s Bio

Yvonne has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 17 years. She loves when we study different cultures and she gets to try new ethnic food. Yvonne enjoys spending time with her friends and family and eating Subway sandwiches. She likes to attend dances and parties where she can listen to music by Janet Jackson.

Yvonne’s Poetry


Flowers are beautiful
in Hawaii and Alaska.
One place is warm,
the other cold.
It doesn’t matter
where they grow.
They are always pretty.

Ocean Visit

I would love to see
the beautiful ocean
and feel all its power.

Italy Someday

My friends, family and me
would love to see
all the pretty paintings
and beautiful old statues.
We would enjoy
tasting the food,
visiting nice places.
Taking lots of pictures.


A Visit

I wish I could invite
Mother Teresa to
visit our home.
We would eat supper,
then all go to the beach
to watch the sunset.

Healthy Living

I like to exercise outside,
jumping jacks on the deck,
running on a track.
It’s fun to see
others exercise, too.
When I eat out,
healthy salads.
Then early to bed.