Yasin’s Bio

Yasin has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 2 years. He moved to the United States from Afghanistan several years ago. Yasin enjoys sharing about his fascinating journey to the United States.

Yasin’s Poetry

My Life

When I lived in a refugee camp,
my thoughts were of my family,
telling me to stay alive.
I was sad without them,
My muscles tensed, I cried,
I couldn’t relax.
I still get sad sometimes.
Talking with friends,
or listening to music
makes me happier.
I smile and laugh,
I relax.

South African Dreaming

Relaxing on the beach,
enjoying the cold, crisp ocean.
Listening to people talking,
cars dashing around the city.
Colorful fresh food markets.
Rice biryani in my mouth.

I Miss My Country

I miss my country.
Soon, I hope to journey back.
I miss the parks in my country,
Soon, I hope to see them.
I miss the food from my country.
Soon, I hope to taste it.
I miss my friends.
Soon, I hope to talk with them.
I miss my mom and dad.
Soon, I hope to visit their graves.


Kindness is being nice.
It’s a way to make people happy.
Nobody feels left out.
Decide to greet others with a smile.
Not just once, but every time.
Everyone tells me, “You always have a smile,
Smiling every Sunday.”
So many people are happy!