Vicki’s Bio

Vicki has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 15.5 years. She participates in Special Olympics and loves to travel.

Vicki’s Poetry

Hawaiian Volcano

On top of a mountain,
looking down into a volcano.
Everything around me
is yellow and brown.
Dark areas remind me
of caves.
Lava bubbling and flowing,
slow, smokey and thick.
It’s like a desert.
Hot and dry
all over my skin.
I feel lonely because
my Dad isn’t here.
I feel joy because
my Mom and I
are together.

Black as Night

Dark, cold, and salty.
The ocean is deep and
black as night.
Sharks silently swimming
looking for a tasty meal.


Just as I Am

Talking about feelings
is hard around people.
I was born with
Down Syndrome.
I grew up with a
brother and a sister.
They treated me as
one of them,
no different.
I have five nephews and
one niece who love me
just as I am.


All people are not treated equally.
We have not come far enough.
We have to realize that everyone
deserves the same rights.

My dream is to be recognized as
the same as everyone else.
To be seen as an equal.
To have independence and
be treated as normally as I can be.


The Whole Package

I was born with Down’s Syndrome.
Like everyone else,
I want to be as normal as I can be.
I had the same job for 25 years.
I love to dance, play sports.
I am an artist.
I have teamed up with
Arts in Motion to show off my skills.
I work hard to accomplish my goals,
to be independent in every day life.
All of my life,
I have been an example
to others with disabilities
showing that they also
can be successful.


It’s hard to understand
why bad things happen.
But it’s our history.
People die,
loved ones
pass away.
Sometimes memories
are all we have.