Terry’s Bio

Terry celebrates 11 years of being a student of Noorthoek Academy. He likes spending time with his fellow classmates and the different topics that are covered each semester. Terry loves to walk, sing, and play trivia. He volunteers at 2 nursing facilities leading music. Terry’s favorite sports team is the Detroit Red Wings and he loves to eat pizza and hamburgers. He is proud of his musical gifts and how he uses them to inspire others. Something that is unique about Terry is his incredible memory. According to Terry, “my brain is like a PC, but doesn’t have internet capability.”

Terry’s Poetry

Changing Lives

My music teacher,
Yvonne Whitmore,
believed in me and
saw my potential and ability.
She saw that I could sing
bass, tenor and baritone.
She would take me out to
the Rotary Club and the
community in Lansing.
She changed my life.
Helped me to be positive
and confident in my ability
to sing in groups.
She taught me to curb
my frustrations with others.
She is my hero.

My Daily Walk

My daily walk every morning
makes me feel so good inside.
It is a coping mechanism
in the house where I abide

I hear the singing of birds,
and the fountain by house five.
Going on a daily walk
makes me feel so alive.

I feel cold wind in my hair and face.
It’s fun to walk with friends in my home.
Supervised walks
help me to not roam.