Taylor’s Bio

Taylor has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 2 years.  She is a former high school cheerleader and enjoys bowling. Taylor is proud of her job at a local grocery store. She loves to spend time with her two English Bulldogs.

Taylor’s Poetry


I am funny
and silly.
I am kind.
I am a happy person.
I like to help other people.
I am hardworking.
I am a daughter.

Taylor's World

I live in a house with
my kind, loveable,
beautiful mom and dad.
I have caring and joyful friends.
My job is wonderful.
I have a cool, beautiful,
loud and colorful nature.
I am Taylor.

My Dogs

I love Mabel and Bear.
They are fun to play with.
They are nice dogs,
I love to pat them.
They are cute dogs.
I love them sleeping
in my room.


Me for President

I would tell everyone to
wear their masks outside
and in other people’s houses.
Stay home if you can.
Wear your masks at work.
I would shut the schools and
teach students online.
I would go online and
talk about my travels.

Great but not Perfect

Building bunk beds at
Pine Ridge Reservation,
for people without beds.
I’m so sad
there are poor people
in our country.
America is great.
We can choose our leaders,
go to school for free.
Travel back and forth.
Great but not perfect.


I am Happy

I am happy,
to have two English Bulldogs.
I am happy,
to go to college at Noorthoek Academy.
I am happy,
that I worked out today.
I am happy,
that I had coffee today.
I am happy,
to cook dinner for my parents.
I am happy,
to have a tattoo.