Tanis’ Bio

Tanis enjoys worshipping at his church and serves as a youth leader. He volunteers at Beer City Dog Biscuits weekly. Tanis has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 9.5 years. He enjoys being able to learn about different topics each semester. 
Tanis likes to swim, hike and downhill ski. He has two younger sisters. His favorite sports teams are from the University of Michigan.

Tanis’ Poetry

Alaskan Cruise

Breathing in crisp fresh air,
a cool breeze ruffles my jacket.
Birds chirp in the background
while excited voices surround me,
pointing out a whale surfacing nearby.
I feel joyful, at peace.

Beauty All Around

Beauty is all around me.
My family fills my life with joy.
A business that brings purpose to me
and so many.
When hope feels far away,
my faith gets me through.
Praying brings comfort.

Peace at Pigeon Lake

My peaceful place was the
homey smells and sounds
of my grandparents’ cottage.
Cousins, aunts and uncles,
talking, yelling, laughing.
Happily jumping into the
fuss and mess of mealtime.
Sounds of waves crashing
as we walk along the shore.
Memories of learning to
waterski off the boom,
or riding along in the boat.
Trying to find a seat on the dock.
Evening beach strolls against a setting sun.
Sticky smores passed around
at the nightly campfire.
Priceless memories of love, family

Kindness Counts

When someone says
something nice about
someone else.
When someone helps
without being asked.
When people don’t talk
against others and
just get along.
Then I feel good.
Kindness counts.