Sue’s Bio

Sue received an honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2016. She has attended Noorthoek Academy for 28 years. Sue enjoys adult coloring books and has completed some amazing coloring projects. She also contributes this coloring gift by decorating lunch bags for Kids Food Basket. Her favorite food is Mexican pizza from Taco Bell. Sue’s hilarious sense of humor is one of the many things that makes her unique!

Sue’s Poetry

The Power of Coloring

Coloring helps me to focus,
slow down my mind.
It’s my superpower.
I share my art by making
Christmas and Birthday cards.
When my CLS worker helps me,
she also feels the power of coloring.

Just Wrong

Persons of color are
still discriminated against.
People still use bad names
toward other races.
They treat those that are
different from them
with disrespect.

Thoughts on Work

Covid closed the workshop.
Days of waiting,
when I can go back.
Overjoyed when it
Happy to get out
of the house.

I dream of having
a real part-time job.
Making real money
in the real world.
No more workshop.


Missing School

I miss going to school.
Soon, school will be open.
I miss seeing and hearing Sandy in person.
Soon, I will see and hear my teachers.

Holy and Kind

I felt happiness when I gave
support and kindness to my sister
after she broke her leg.
Mother Teresa was a nun
who was holy and kind.
I want to be holy and kind.