Sonia’s Bio

Sonia has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 4 years. Her favorite thing about Noorthoek Academy is learning new things each week and making friendships along the way. Sonia enjoys doing diamond art painting, watching movies and tv shows, and eating spicy food. She has a cat named Poppi and a dog named Gigi. Sonia’s personal life goal is to always share love and compassion toward others.

Sonia’s Poetry

Brave Fighter

My dad is fighting cancer.
I don’t want to feel frustrated,
but I do.
Seeing a mask on someone’s face
makes me feel thankful.
I remember that there are others
like me.
Risky decisions of others
make me feel less safe.
I want to believe that
people care about each other
Right now,
it doesn’t feel that way.
My dad is fighting cancer.

Full Heart

My beautiful life is
filled with a job I love.
My beautiful life is
a house to live in.
My beautiful life is
working with amazing colleagues.
My beautiful life has
friends I can trust.
My beautiful life has
parents who share their love and support everyday.
My beautiful life is
brothers who make me laugh.
My beautiful life is
my dad and I sharing great conversations.
My beautiful life is
filled with crafts that relax my mind and body.

Make the World a Better Place

My wish is for the world to be
a better place for the
unique or special person.
Disabilities can be invisible,
struggles aren’t always apparent.
Always treat others the way
you want to be treated yourself.
Speak with kindness, don’t judge.
Make the world a better place
by showing grace and charity
toward one another.

My Grandpa

I remember the day
my grandpa passed away.
There is no greater love
than the love
that I had for him.
I remember all the great talks we shared.
There is no one more understanding
than a grandparent.
I remember the laughs we shared.
There is no better grandparent
than my grandpa.

A Most Important Lesson

Doing something
unexpected for others.
Being surprised by
someone’s kindness.
Kindness brings joy and
happiness to all.
I love that my parents
showed me to not judge
but to be kind.