Sandra’s Bio

Sandy has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 12.5 years. She gets excited to learn about new topics each semester and writing poetry. Sandy enjoys walking, reading, and doing puzzles. She is a fan of the New England Patriots and her favorite food is pizza and tacos. Sandy retired after working at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel for 32 years. She is proud of being able to celebrate her 31st anniversary with her husband.

Sandra’s Poetry

A Long Journey

A Long Journey
By Sandra Corning

G- is for gentle
L- is for love
E- is for eternity
N- is for nice


S- is for smiley
A- is for awesome
N- is for neat
D- is for dynamite
R- is for real friend
A- is for artistic

That’s why we have been married for 31 years.
We love each other,
Two peas in a pod.

A Piece of Peace

Dark blue and speckled
with endless shining stars,
the clear night calls me to the beach.
Music playing in the background
joins a chorus of waves crashing ashore.
I take a seat on the warm sand
and gently rub my aching feet.
As my friend sits down beside me,
all my pain is quickly replaced
by a quiet joy.

My Special Life

My brother Mark takes me
wherever I have to go.
My sister Kathy
makes me laugh and smile.
My brother Steve gets me
anything I need at the condo.
My husband Glen
makes me feel safe.
My friend Emily and
her dog Howler
are an inspiration.
My friends and family
make my life worth living.


We met at work
and quickly bonded.
Our wedding day was
the best day of my life.
He makes me feel that
I’m someone special.
He is a kind, loving,
gentle man.
A wonderful listener,
a safe haven.
My husband of thirty years,
the love of my life for eternity,


Going to the beach,
camping with friends.
Watching cotton candy clouds,
a fresh breeze playing with our hair.
Feeling quiet and relaxed.