Samantha’s Bio

Sam has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 3.5 years. She loves her teachers and going to the pool at the GRCC Ford Fieldhouse. Sam is passionate about animals and gifted in working with them. She has 3 dogs, 4 cats and 3 birds as pets. Sam works part time in the retail industry. She also volunteers at her church. Sam is a fan of the Detroit Tigers and enjoys eating Italian food. Sam is proud to have overcome many challenges and proven her doctors wrong in what she would be able to accomplish.

Samantha’s Poetry


I work four days a week
at Goodwill.
Weekends are spent with
my respite sis, Krista.
School on Fridays
at GRCC,
Noorthoek Academy.
In my freetime,
I love relaxing at home
with my cats, dogs and birds.


Mom’s voice and
Dad’s dark brown hair
and eyes.

What I Miss

I miss swimming like a penguin
in the GRCC swimming pool,
soon I will get to swim there again.
I miss going to the zoo with my Mom,
soon we will go there again.
I miss my respite sissy Krista and
going to the dog park,
soon I will be able to do that again,
with my respite sissy Krista.