Quan’s Bio

Quan has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 17 years. He enjoys learning new things each semester.

Quan’s Poetry

Love Island

Smooth and sandy beach.
Colorful view on a bright day.
Sunrise slowly brings
the people out.
Swimming, eating,
hiking up the volcano.
Finding entertainment
and adventure among
swaying palm trees.
Hawaii, Love Island.

Fresh Air

I hope for a healthy world
with green trees,
and wildlife.
Breathing fresh air.
brilliant people,
connecting together.


I am grateful to be alive.
Surviving surgery.
Feeling healthy.
Kindness brings joy.
Living my life
with love.

Personal Hero

My doctor does not judge
people at all.
He saved my life.
Made me healthy.
I am here today
because of him.

We are Humans

People with disabilities
must be treated with respect
and compassion.
If they are your co-workers,
be friendly and trust
that they are doing their best.
Be a voice for them when
they need help,
so they know that they
are not alone.
We are the same.
We are humans.

The Right Thing

Be a responsible citizen.
Respect others.
Take care of my health
for my future.
Learn a job skill,
get a job someday.
Build a family and
help people.
Happy forever.

Stay Healthy

Be safe,
wash your hands,
keep six feet apart.
Stay healthy,
wear a mask,
use sanitizer,
Be free again,
make covid go away.
Get back to normal.
Everyone will be happy.

My Dream

My dream is that every person
has a right to learn and
to be treated equally.
My hope is that we respect and encourage
people to voice their opinions.
Everyone has a right to be heard.
We all need to come together
to build a good community
and a great country.


My goal is to eat right,
exercise and move.
Manage my weight,
eat more vegetables.
Work on a healthy mind
and lifestyle so
I don’t get sick.
My goal is to stay
healthy forever.