Nicole’s Bio

Nicole has been a part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 8.5 years.

Nicole’s Poetry


Freedom to choose
my religion,
learn about God.
Feeling safe here,
able to take walks.
Just a few things that
make this country great.

Breaking Through

My superpower is my smile.
Big and pretty,
shining with joy and happiness.
Like a beam of sun
breaking through the clouds.
My friend Devin has
the same superpower.
Together we make hundreds of
dog biscuits for BCDB.
Smiling all the while.

I Am Smiley

A smile is big, bright and cheerful.
A smile is when I am on our boat
on the waters of Lake Michigan.
A smile is when I take walks
with my sister.
A smile is happiness riding my bike
around the neighborhood.
A smile makes me feel good,
great and joyful all at once.
A smile brings joy to the world.
A smile is my nickname,
I am Smiley.


I’m concerned for others,
I help where I can.
I love animals,
they give me joy.
I always volunteer
with a big smile.