Nick’s Bio

Nick just celebrated 6 years as a Noorthoek Academy student. He is a Special Olympics athlete who also likes to watch movies. Nick enjoys watching Michigan State University football. He has a black lab named Pearl. Nick is proud to have held the same part-time job for 8 years. His favorite foods are Chinese and Japanese. He is a fan of Manga the One series of Japanese comic books. Nick is proud to live independently in his own apartment!

Nick’s Poetry


Jazz music
tells a story.
The instruments can sing the blues
or inspire happiness.
Playing what is in your heart.
Expressing emotions

The Color of Storms

Courage is the color of storms.
Uncertainty and fear when the clouds are grey.
Danger is coming.
When the sky clears,
you don’t feel afraid.
Bravery to face the future.
Orange colors.
Clear sky.

Best Job Ever

My job makes me happy.
I have time for family and friends.
I don’t work too many hours and
have Friday and weekends off.
Everyone at work is nice and
works hard until their day is done.
I’m not the only one there,
so I’m not nervous about going.
The bus ride to work isn’t long
and I can get things from the store
before I head home.
I stay with my parents on
weekends and holidays.
I can play sports with
Special Olympics and
participate in tournaments
on my days off.
My job makes me happy.

Super Friend

I try to ask people I meet
about their interests,
families and hobbies.
Talking more each time
that we get together,
we become friends.
Making friends easily
wherever I am,
is my superpower!

Black Pearl

A long drive on a sunny, cool day
led to a trailer home in Belding.
Stepping around the muddy ground,
we carefully made our way to the door.
Inside, wonderful puppy noises.
We picked up a furry little bundle,
she smelled of puppy chow and
covered us with wet kisses.
Wrapping her in a soft, warm blanket,
We brought her home.
Black Pearl.