Michelle’s Bio

Michelle has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 8.5 years. She is a fan of country music and has a dream to see Toby Keith in concert.

Michelle’s Poetry

Experiencing Italy

Greetings, from Rome,
the most beautiful place on Earth.
Meeting the pope
was a highlight of my trip.
Pope Francis is kind
and said a prayer with me.
Famous buildings and art

Good Ole USA

A place where anyone is able to work
make money,
help themselves to be secure.
A place where everyone
is able to go to school
and is allowed freedom of speech.

A Beautiful Place

Always happy,
no fear or tears.
No death.
No glasses,
walkers, canes or
My foster brother Mark,
my foster parents and
my grandparents are there.
I will hear the
angels and saints singing.
The air will be fresh and clean.
God is preparing
a place for me in Heaven
and it is beautiful.

I Blossomed

My Dad gave me
up for adoption.
It was hard.
My Mom didn’t know and
I didn’t know where I was.
I was eight years old.
I found my Mom.
I understood what happened
and I looked for relief.
After counseling,
I didn’t feel angry anymore.
I grew up, got married and
became independent.
Like a beautiful flower,
I blossomed.