Melinda’s Bio

Melinda is a long-time student of Noorthoek Academy. She received an honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2013. Melinda’s favorite sports teams are the Detroit Tigers and the Whitecaps. She enjoys being outside and spending time with friends. Melinda is proud to be a teacher’s aid at Sunday school. She is known to be a good listener and gives helpful advice to her friends.

Melinda’s Poetry

Alaskan Wilderness

If I lived in the Alaskan Bush,
I would take my sled dogs,
Benny and Panda Bear.
They would keep me warm at night.
My friend Randall
would help me hunt for food
and cook what we find.
I don’t think I would like
living in the Alaskan wilderness.

Full of Life

The ocean,
a place of life.
Living deep down
in the endless dark
new fish come out of hiding
and hunt for food.
A deep, dark place.

Governor Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer is my hero.
We stay safe by not gathering together,
to spread the sickness
in our world.
If we all wear a mask,
Michigan will slowly open up.
It is important to listen to the doctors,
and scientists
to help us get better.


I am thankful
to be alive.
I am thankful
for my health.
I am thankful
my family is supportive.
I am thankful
for new leadership in the White House.
I am thankful
for peace and a vaccine
to keep the world safe
for all.


Covid in the way
of being with a friend,
going to Temple,
hugging loved ones.
The pandemic
blocking bingo,
bowling and
going out to eat.
Waiting for my turn,
a shot in the arm.
Looking forward to
getting back to my life.

An Elbow Hug

An elbow hug,
short and small.
All I can say is,
now it’s okay.
Close your eyes,
reach out,
cross your arms,
a hug and a kiss
as though I am there.
I hope you are well.

The Saint

Mother Teresa was a good person.
She helped the poor,
feeding and caring for them.
She shared God’s love
with those who had nothing.