Mei’s Bio

Mei has been an active student at Noorthoek Academy for 7 years and is a member of the Noorthoek Academy  Aktion Club.  She loves learning new topics each semester. Mei collects glitter and scented gel pens and markers. She is a fan of the University of Michigan and her favorite books are from the American Girl Doll book series. Mei is proud to be a good friend and she can often be found with her fingernails painted a variety of colors.

Mei’s Poetry

A Concert

Someone is playing piano
on a huge stage.
Happy, calm music
like Beethoven or Mozart.
In the audience,
ladies are wearing fancy,
cute dresses.
The men wear a suit and tie.

Hawaiian Beach Joy

I am lying under a rainbow umbrella
on a beautiful, colorful towel.
Kids nearby play and
swim in the shiny, clear water.
Others are building a sand castle.
I am enjoying the breeze and
the warm temperature.
I feel like singing songs
from the movie “Lilo and Stitch”.


Dolphins swim past
the beach.
I want to swim with them one day soon.
I like taking pictures of them.
Beaches in summertime are very soothing.
Waves calm me.

True Love

Every time we look into each other's eyes,
we know we are where we need to be.
Holding one another in an embrace,
our eyes sparkle.
Love means never letting go
until our time is up.
Together, in each other’s arms.

Remember Me

I hope to be remembered
through my beautiful art.
Joy is felt in my heart
when I gift a piece
to my family and friends.
It is a treasure
to last forever.


Love is like a prism
shining in the sky,
sparkling in my eyes.
Love is a deep memory
of a person who is gone.
Love is not perfect but it
does not give up.
Love is life.

I Miss so Much

I miss my friends at GRCC Noorthoek Academy,
soon I can see them again.
I miss riding the city bus,
soon I will ride again.
I miss sitting with my friends in class,
soon I will be learning with them.

Making Memories

Shopping for souvenirs
for friends back home.
Trying different foods.
Returning with lots of
beautiful pictures.
Making memories.