Matt’s Bio

Matt has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 7.5 years.  Matt is a Special Olympics athlete who competes in many sports but loves swimming. The Detroit Pistons is Matt’s favorite sports team. He volunteers for multiple organizations in the Grand Rapids area. Matt enjoys riding his scooter, eating pizza, and spending time with his dog named Leo (from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Matt’s Poetry

Beach View

Brown, blue and green,
Palm trees and beach sand.
Birds soar in the wind and
float on the waves.
Warm sand between my toes.

I Am Matt

I am patient while building Legos.
Fantastic scenes and
detailed ships from Star Wars.
I am athletically inclined.
Tearing up the field in soccer.
Darting down the basketball court.
Having fun being me.

Tiger on the Court

Squeaking shoes and
the slaps of a basketball
dribbling across the floor
make a special type of
background music.
Guarding my player,
blocking his toss,
regaining the ball.
Sinking that free throw,
hearing the crowd roar!
Practice at the YMCA
is time well spent.
Proud to be part of my team
at Special Olympics.
Go Tigers!


Am I lost?
My phone tells me
where they are.
Crowded places
make me nervous.
Looking at aisle numbers,
taking a deep breath.
There they are!
I’m excited, happy.


Spending time with family,
having fun.
Keep messing with my sister,
until she punches me.
The library and movie theater
are closed.


No phone.
Horseback riding.
Fresh air.