Mark’s Bio

Mark is one of the original Noorthoek Academy students to receive an honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College. He loves the people at Noorthoek Academy and especially likes learning about different cultures. Mark enjoys sewing hats, riding bikes, cooking, and reading. He is a fan of the University of Michigan Wolverines and Notre Dame. Mark excels at his job in Grand Rapids working as a Senior Janitor. He is proud to be a great uncle and hopes to continue learning sign language. Mark says that one thing that makes him unique is his handsome face.

Mark’s Poetry


Feeling hopeful.
I hope to do good things.
God gives me hope.
Losing hope is hard.
When I have hope,
I feel better.

Mother's Love

My mother cared for me
loved me.
She named me
Mark Joseph Zaskiewicz.
She never left my family.
She’s always with me.
Never alone.

Conquering Fear

I find myself in a place of fear.
Going underneath it
makes me cool in a
beautiful place.
I am afraid of the dark.


My mother is important to me.
She loved me the most.
Remembering her
is my meditation,
a quiet place
where I can let it out.

I am important to my family.
They love and care for me.
I do things for them,
with all of my love.
Sensitive feelings.
Stay calm and let it out.

Let it Go

Feelings of joy,
deep within my heart.
I am learning to
let it go.
When my feelings get hurt,
I let it go.
When I feel down,
I let it go.
When I see my mother die,
I let it go.
Meditation relaxes all parts of my body.
I let it go.