Leanne’s Bio

Leanne celebrated 5 years of being a Noorthoek Academy student. She loves animals, especially dogs. Leanne volunteers at a local non-profit organization.

Leanne’s Poetry

A Full Heart

Beautiful Life
Chores at the Children’s Zoo
Delighting in the antics of nephews
Enjoying visits with Washington relatives
Finding distinctive recipes for dinner
Going shopping
Helping inconspicuously with chores
Interacting with Dusty
Jaxon &
Kendon, my nephews, give me great joy to visit them in Washington
Love seeing my sister Lisa’s two dogs
Making art
Noticing colored leaves on the trees
Opening my lunchbox
Perusing the Women’s World magazine (weekly)
Quietly going about my life
Reading books and
Sometimes stories online
Triumphing over scoliosis
Understanding cats and dogs
Volunteering for cats and dogs
Whispering to cats and dogs
Xtra treats for Dusty
Yearning for another visit with Skout and Teddy
Zoo chores, mucking out the children’s barn

Church Mountain

Hiking up Church Mountain
was hard work.
Zig zagging up and around
We stopped to rest, taking photos
along the way.
My sister complained
loud and long.
Past the trees was a meadow
covered in snow.
Blindingly bright snow
all around.
Climbing on top of some boulders
to enjoy lunch.
Hiking down Church Mountain
was much easier.

Open Heart

We have come a long way,
but many people still act racistly.
They are stubborn and resist
changing their hearts.
We should treat others with
the kindness and love
that we want to be treated with.
I taught Denice that there are
different ways to communicate
other than using words.
We should always reconsider
old perceptions.
Open our hearts to change,
never stop learning.

Peace Begins with a Smile

Peace begins with a smile.
It’s an easy thing to do.
You don’t need money or
athleticism or a PhD
in rocket science.
Smile at roommates,
Let them know
that you see them,
that you know they are human too!