Kyle’s Bio

Kyle has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 7.5 years. He enjoys his job working part-time in a local restaurant. Kyle is proud of the work he has done to raise money to build wells and bring clean water to parts of Africa.

Kyle’s Poetry

Nature's Fury

The power of nature's fury at work.
Undiscovered territory.
Glowing and bright.

All Together

I have a dream that we are all together
despite our differences
or beliefs
or how we act.
We are all one family
at Noorthoek Academy.
Striving to do our best
in this pandemic world.

Veterans' Day

To all the brave men and women
who served for the red,
white and blue,
we wish to celebrate you.
We appreciate all you’ve
done for this country.
In times of trials and strife,
your commitments have
given us a safe life.
You are brave and courageous heroes
protecting the freedoms we hold dear.
Today we remember
those who are no longer here.


My Inner Nirvana

Memories of our friendship
and things we did together.
It’s not the same without you.
Struggling with a heavy heart,
to carry on alone.
Listening to music,
soothing my soul,
finding my inner Nirvana.