Kennedy’s Bio

Kennedy just completed her first year as a Noorthoek Academy student. She enjoys being outside and listening to music. Kennedy is especially good at swimming and dance. She loves seafood and Japanese cuisine. Kennedy can be seen proudly cheering for MSU, the Tigers, Lions, Forest Hills Central and the lacrosse team of Wittenberg University. She enjoys learning about other countries and cultures and spends many hours volunteering throughout Grand Rapids. Kennedy loves to travel and hopes to some day visit Las Vegas and Hawaii. Some fun facts about Kennedy are that she was prom queen at Forest Hills Central. She also won a scholarship for being kind, a hard worker, and proud of who she is.

Kennedy’s Poetry


My big and “little” brother
help me and take care of me
when I need it.
Graduating from high school,
my aunts, uncles and cousins
came to watch,
cheer me on.
My parents were so proud of me.

A Happy Life

I love playing with my cats,
Socrates and Izzo.
Music, singing and dancing
calms me,
brings me joy.
Swinging on my swing
makes me happy.