Katie’s Bio

Katie has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 6 years. She is an active member of the Creative Writing class and has a monthly column in a local newspaper.  Katie loves to work on her weaving loom, writing, and reading books. She is proud to have her own apartment where she cooks delicious meals. Katie also participates in Special Olympics playing basketball and volleyball.

Katie’s Poetry

Endless Sea

Ocean deep.
Place of beauty
and fear.
Fish swimming
pushing the force of
the waves.
Endless sea.
Beauty and fear.

Beautiful Life

My beautiful life
is made of family and friends
who support me in all I do.
Treasured gifts.
I feel safe.

My beautiful life
in Grand Haven walking downtown,
watching Christmas lights at night,
glittering like crystals.
So peaceful.

My beautiful life
is at Gracious Grounds with people
who love me like family.
Special friends.
I feel content.

Waiting for Spring

Gray skies.
Black trees.
No color.
Birds go south.
Waiting for spring.


Torn apart...
Memories lost
The smell of ash
lingers in the air.
Rubble under my feet.
Feeling lost.


Deep blue
as the ocean
with dark clouds above.
Bursting with colors,
turning purple and indigo.
I’m mesmerized by its beauty.

falling peacefully
on my windowsill.
A light mist
on the grass and flowers.
I love the rain.
Watching flowers grow.

Sun Bathing

Waves crashing
on the beach.
The sun on my back.
Dancing in the sunlight.
Catching a peaceful tan


Wash our hands and bodies,
keep our bodies healthy.
Our minds need rest.
Wash away all the germs.
Kill COVID-19!


Call a friend,
write a letter,
stay connected.
iPads and cell phones,
keep my writing alive.
Spread love to everyone.

Stay Healthy

Wash hands, exercise.
Challenge our minds.
Be creative and entertained.
Wash the germs away!
Stay healthy and safe.


Love is beautiful.
Being with the one I love.
I feel loved.

I love my friends.
We laugh and smile.
We have fun.

Love is divine.
Life is love.
I feel loved.