Katy’s Bio

Katy has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 31 years! She enjoys the teachers and friends she has made in class. Katy has many interests and hobbies including poetry, art, and photography. She volunteers at a local grocery store and is a fan of the Detroit Tigers. Katy is a fashionista who enjoys coordinating outfits. She would love to be a public speaker and is proud to make good health and diet choices.

Katy’s Poetry


Sitting on a haystack
at Robinette’s Orchard
on a warm autumn day.
I can smell my favorite
cinnamon spice donut,
with decaf caramel soy latte.
Maple leaves are falling–
bright orange and gold.
They remind me of the colors
in the sunflowers by Van Gogh.


Between sunlight and shadow,
a prism changes light into different colors.
A pyramid of icy blue, emerald, aquamarine, and amethyst.
A symbol and powerful reflection of the earth.
Beautiful colors like gemstones.
An art form of glass and light
where you discover a figure.
I hear voices coming through.