Julie’s Bio

Julie just celebrated 16 years as part of the Noorthoek Academy family. She gets excited to learn new things each semester. Julie has a passion for working with animals and spends her time volunteering doing food prep for them. She also enjoys doing arts and crafts and eating Italian food. Julie has a parakeet named Pal and a cat named Noel. Julie loves life, traveling, and shopping at Horrocks Market.

Julie’s Poetry

Courage and Strength

Courage shows strength.
I had to have breast surgery
and didn’t know what to expect.
Would it be painful?
How would my life be after surgery?
I decided to be positive.
I trusted my doctor,
I healed and life was better.
The color for courage
should be bright red.
Stop and think of what is
right and good,
then follow your heart.

Hawaiian Treasures

A vivid aqua blue ocean
surrounds land of vibrant green.
People talking,
birds singing,
waves splashing.
My skin is very warm
but the breeze cools me.
I am grateful to be here.
Happy and at peace.
I think of my cousin Ricky,
who visits Hawaii often.

Bright Beautiful World

My hidden talents,
are crafts and caring for animals.
My confidence was like a
bare and lifeless desert.
My aunt helped me see that
I am worthy,
and have gifts to share.
I live in a bright, beautiful world
and have all that I need.


Eternal Ocean

The eternal ocean
is a great beauty to behold.
The deeper you go,
the darker,
and more mysterious it gets.
God created a beautiful world.

Green Thumb

Crunchy carrots, parsnips,
beans and potatoes.
A vegetable top is all I need,
to grow a new plant in its place.
Hearty rutabagas and
shiny leafed avocados.
Fuzzy African violets
sprouted from one soft leaf.
A quick peek at the lush jungle
running rampant through my room,
reveals my cool superpower...
a Green Thumb!

A Thought

Opening your heart.
Love in action.
Helping another.
I show kindness to all.
You should too!