Julie’s Bio

Julie has been a part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 4 years. She enjoys meeting and getting to know new people. Julie’s hobbies include puzzles, chatting with friends and reading. Her favorite book is The Little House on the Prairie. Julie is a fan of the Michigan State Spartans. She is proud to volunteer in Grand Rapids at a local non-profit agency. Her zeal for life is what makes her unique!

Julie’s Poetry

A Halibut Fish

On the Gulf of Alaska,
near the town of Valdez,
Mom and Dad sailed off
on a fishing adventure.
Anchoring belts snugly
hugging their waists,
they were looking for huge,
bottom dwelling halibut.
Finally a bite on each line,
they pulled their catches in
for a very long time.
Dad was happily surprised
to see how large his fish was
until noticing that Mom’s
was bigger!

Free to Trust

First, I built trust in myself,
then learned to trust my caregivers.
I trust my parents.
It feels great knowing
that I can trust.
When I moved into David’s House,
my first time away from my parents,
I was scared.
I was used to my parents caring for me.
I had to get used to strangers caring for me.
I learned to trust them.
I like the changes that
I made in my life.

My Triumph

When I was a little girl,
I struggled to walk,
which made me sad.
My sister always got to do
more things than I could.
As I got older I worked harder
to do more on my own.
I realized that I should not
think of what I can’t do
but what I can do.
I can’t change who I am.
I knew I had to stay positive.
With this mindset,
I started to do more.
Working, walking,
helping others.
I grew into the
pretty flower
I feel I am.
Full of smiles.


Life is Beautiful

I do crafts and puzzles.
I have a lot of caring
people in my life.
Mom and Dad and
all the staff at my home.
My life is beautiful.

New Home

Moving here from Lake Odessa
was hard.
I missed my family and friends.
Now, my feelings have changed.
My volunteer work is fun.
Staff is caring.
This is my home now.

Nice Things

My cousin takes me places
and does things for me.
I help at home
doing dishes and laundry,
washing tables and
cleaning house.
Kindness is
doing nice things.

Happy Family

My brother and I
are hard workers.
We keep our rooms clean
and are happy because
we were raised that way.
My sister, too!