Josh’s Bio

Josh has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 17 years. He enjoys learning new things each semester and is a good friend to all.

Josh’s Poetry

Everyday Courage

Doctors have courage.
They see sick people
during the pandemic.
Officers have courage.
They protect people and
risk their own lives
to keep everyone safe.
Red is the color of courage,
representing blood shed
and a brave heart.

Missing Grandpa

One summer night
I had a dream of
my grandpa
who loved me so much.
He lit up a room
wherever he was.
I feel sad
knowing that he is gone.

Only One Home

Our world
is where we live
and join with each other.
So many beautiful things to see,
birds, flowers and beaches.
People should remember,
we have only one home
to take care of.
Look how important it is.

We'll Be Fine

I really don’t get to see
my friends or cousins.
Always washing my hands,
using sanitizer to keep
the virus away.
Waiting to spend holidays
together again.
We’ll all be fine.

Forever Memories

Good times with my
Grandpa and Grandma.
Thinking of their smiles
makes me happy.
They are forever in my heart.


Set a goal.
Work hard for what
you set your mind to.
Don’t give up on your dream.
Make it come true.

Look at Me

Autism makes it difficult to
tell someone what you want.
It’s hard to get the words out.
It’s not easy to make friends.
You never know if they
will make fun of you.
When you become my friend,
I will really care about you.
I will have your back
no matter what.
Don’t look at my disability,
look at me.

A Real Hero

Doctors risk their lives
to save people from
My doctor is kind,
understanding and
A real hero.

A Journey

My first Covid vaccine.
There is a light
at the end of the

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

A world where we act with
consideration toward each other.
Show respect to our fellow beings.
Be grateful for all we have and
keep our words kind and uplifting.
A healthy society...
Wouldn’t it be nice?


Good Start

Move around.
Get in shape.
Live a wonderful life.
Keep a healthy mind.
Change myself,
make good choices.
Not easy to do but
trying is a good start.