Jon’s Bio

Jon just celebrated being a Noorthoek Academy student for 10 years. He enjoys helping friends and neighbors with yard work. Jon loves to share his experiences with others and is always up for a long conversation.

Jon’s Poetry


My life is beautiful.
I have been blessed with sight.
I see the beautiful trees
and our pets.
I have everything I need,
plus many things I don’t.
I am blessed to be able to go to school,
learn new things,
appreciate life.

Labor of Love

Learning how to make potholders.
Choosing colors to
weave into tight,
square designs.
Looking forward to selling my
little blocks of art.

Corona Virus

This virus is not much fun,
it keeps us from our friends.
At least we can enjoy the sun
while cleaning up the yard.

A Simple Thing

When someone does something kind for me,
I feel good.
When I do something kind or helpful,
I feel good.
I help Pastor Chris by bringing him his Bible.
Kindness is being helpful to others.