Joel’s Bio

Joel has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 4 years and enjoys the friends that he has met in his classes. His favorite foods are pizza and egg salad. Joel’s favorite sports team is the West Michigan Whitecaps and he likes doing word searches. Joel volunteers part time at a Grand Rapids coffee shop. He is proud to say that he has been skiing! Joel has a great sense of humor and is often making his teacher and classmates laugh.

Joel’s Poetry

A Postcard to Lisa

How are you?
I am writing from the boot (Italy).
I have been eating a lot of pasta
and have seen the statue of David.
Tonight I’m going to see the Mona Lisa.
I am here to celebrate New Year,
so I got a pair of red underwear
to bring me good luck in the new year!


Doing something
nice for someone
that you don’t
have to.