Joel’s Bio

Joel has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for over 6 years. He has fond memories of his many years participating in Special Olympics.  Joel enjoys watching baseball and basketball.  He is proud of his commitment to staying active by walking on the treadmill.

Joel’s Poetry

Overcoming Challenges

As a young boy,
I felt tasks were hard.
I would get upset.
My parents would challenge me
with chores that I thought
I could not do.
They would push me
to show that I could do it
if I really tried.
Sometimes I get irritated
when my ride comes late.
I calm down by thinking of
what could have happened to
make them late.
My staff will help with
positive words to
soothe me.
I feel really good telling
my friends hello and
asking how they are doing.
I feel like a good friend.