Jenni’s Bio

Jenni has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 14.5 years. She enjoys singing and her Special Olympics gymnastics team. Jenni volunteers at a local non-profit organization.

Jenni’s Poetry


Grateful that God
gave me parents
who found
an excellent doctor
and sent me to people
that could teach me to
walk and talk.
So glad that my sister
stepped up for me.

A Home

Apartment life wasn’t for me.
Alone and lonely,
I closed myself off to the world.
On the outside I acted great.
I was wilting like a flower
starved for sunshine.
My sister invited me to
stay with her for a few days.
Finally able to confide in her,
I told her I didn’t want to be alone.
Together we found Hampton House.
Housemates, staff and activities.
Here I bloom.

Lake House Memories

Fun, family, friends.
My mom and our dogs,
boat rides and swimming.
Hot, sunny days drifting into
cool, star-filled evenings.
Old stories and sweet s’mores.
A crackling, smoky campfire.
Happy together.

The Virus

Sad, missing family.
Scared, like I felt
in the nursing home.
Stressed, feeling rough.
Trying to pass the time,
joining in group activities,
listening to my favorite music,
taking quiet walks.
Petting a friendly dog.