Janice’s Bio

Janice has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for over 10 years. She enjoys spending time with other students in class. Janice has been an avid cross-stitch artist since she was a teen. She has done many intricate projects and enjoys using this gift to brighten the lives of people around her. Janice also enjoys her hobby of collecting frogs.

Janice’s Poetry

Taking a Ride

Ride on,
Across the country side.
Feel the joy.

Living Art

The last of the Hawaiian sun
beats down on my skin.
I feel joyful, happy.
Hidden around me,
birds chirp softly.
We sit as one,
watching the sun quietly set,
blasting the sky
with so many colors.

Peaceful Mind

My beautiful sweet life
is easy going.
My mind is at peace.
Life is enjoyable.
Doing what I like.
Relax and watch TV.

Fly in the Wind

When my emotional abilities
fall into weak mode,
I become blind in my abilities.
When I gain strength,
I become my normal self.
I put my mind into things.
I began to bloom and grow
and can do many things.
It feels like I can
fly in the wind.


America you shine so bright
from sea to sparkling sea.
Lady Liberty so proud and tall,
inspires love from us all.
We honor you red, white and blue.
Forever thankful for bravery shown,
always proud to be an American.


I Will Fight

I will run to the end of life.
I will hold my head up high.
I will win the fight,
and press on.

A Dose of Tranquility

Anxiety melts away
with every stitch of the needle.
Cross stitching brings forth
patience, focus and relaxation.
Peaceful feelings wash over me
when I talk with my mom.
She listens and soothes me,
pulling us closer together,
strengthening our relationship.

Soul at Peace

If I were a carnivore,
I would be a frog.
Hopping toward
the rhythm of croaks
lining the river’s edge.
Adding my own ribbit
to the chorus of
many scattered frogs.
Jumping from lily pad
to lily pad until I find
the perfect one.
Hungrily unrolling a
long, sticky tongue,
feasting on the juicy bugs
that get too close.
My stomach is satisfied,
my soul at peace.

Letting Go

“You can’t relax,” said Mr. Stress.
“Don’t trigger me,” said Ms. Anxiety.
“I’m trying to calm down,”
cried a little voice
inside of me.
Guardian Angels gather round,
gently release the stubborn stress,
soften my sharpening anxiety.
A long, deep breath of air as
peace of mind washes over me.


I looked at the music
and threw the piece on the floor.
Suddenly I was dancing
to the Indian music
that I heard from my soul.