James’ Bio

James has been attending Noorthoek Academy for 12 years. He enjoys taking art classes at Artist’s Creating Together. James loves to grill out in the summer and cook meals for his family. James has a Shih Tzu named Bella and likes to take her for walks. His hobbies are riding his bike, playing golf and boating with family. He looks forward to returning to class in the fall.

James’ Poetry

Stormy Day

Boating on the lake at my sister’s house,
we were surprised by a quick moving storm.
Scrambling to get to shore before it hit,
rain began to hit the water around us.
Suddenly the wind began to howl,
whipping around in a frenzy
pelting us with huge, wet raindrops.
We hunkered in the bottom of the cabin,
trying to stay dry as a wall of rain
raced toward the rocking boat.
My nephew was shaking and scared
as thunder crashed around us and
lightning forked through the clouds.
Finally, docking the boat.
Soaked but safe.