Heather’s Bio

Heather has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 9 years. She especially enjoys learning about different topics each semester and writing poetry. She has a goal to write a poetry book for her nieces and nephew. Heather loves to read books by Danielle Steele and listen to music by Taylor Swift. She is gifted at making jewelry. Heather volunteers part-time at a nursing facility. She enjoys riding her bike and spending time with her family. Heather is proud of the independence that she has obtained.

Heather’s Poetry

Hawaiian Highlights

Warm, blue water edging
black sand beaches.
Fragrant flowers,
colorful leis and festive luaus.
Thick, green rainforests.
Hikes through a
bamboo forest,
ending at Waimoku Falls.
Whale watching,
swimming with sharks.
Curious bottlenose dolphins,
bobbing around passenger boats.
Never-ending tropical ocean views.


Our family celebrating together,
on a beautiful spring day.
Sharing our lives,
enjoying a delicious meal,
spending time together.
Delighting in new members,
cherishing the old.
Remembering those who
have passed before us,
always in our hearts.
Reflecting on what truly matters,
our family, our future.

Love is Beautiful

Spending time together,
gathering for holidays and
special occasions.
Love is beautiful.
Teaching the young
nieces and nephews
culture, tradition and
the beauty of a close family.

Dr. Bill Pink

You came into our lives
with a big, friendly grin
and a gracious heart.
Sharing warm hugs
and high fives,
you quickly blended in.
Interested in our thoughts
and poems.
Encouraged our studies,
valued our efforts,
cheered us on.
You have become
a very special friend,
who will always be a part
of our Noorthoek family.


Venice Vacation

Wonderful art and
magical dancers.
Singers on the street
serenading the tourists.
Delicious wines on
beautifully set tables.
Enjoying Italian culture,
my sisters at my side.

Surrounded by Heroes

My parents have prepared me
to be independent,
make smart choices.
They taught me love,
compassion, honesty.
They have always
believed in me.

Brad and Hillary
have inspired me by
their loyalty, true friendship
and kindness.

Kate and Patrick taught me
how to be a loving sister and
a wonderful aunt to my family.

Landon, Madison,
Mackenzie Paige and Wesley
are my nieces and nephews.
They are helpful and loving.
We play games and do puzzles.
They always love to hear me
read a story to them.

Wesley loves to get my
crutches for me.
My family are my
personal heroes.


Determined to Hear

Since birth, I’ve had hearing loss.
It’s scary not being able to
hear the world around you.
A lifetime of tests, hearing aids
and cochlear implants,
opened up my world.
Made me feel safe and strong.
Ready to enjoy life.

Memory Keeper

My memory is
my superpower.
Family gatherings,
birthdays, holidays.
Just for fun days.
Ask me to fill you in,
I remember them all.
My memories bring me joy.
They keep me grateful
for all the love I’ve been given.
They encourage me
to create happy memories
for others to treasure.

No Limitations

Lifelong challenges,
struggles with emotional
and physical difficulties.
Thoughts about an apartment,
living with roommates,
trying to get a job.
Then I found Noorthoek.
Each semester an incredible
journey of learning.
Meeting new students,
enjoying the warm
comfort of old friends.
Instructors and sponsors
join with loved ones to
support and encourage.
Teaching us all that
there are no limitations.

A Smile

A smile makes everything
new and bright,
like springtime.
A smile is MacKenzie Joy,
my new baby niece.
A smile brings happiness
to those that need cheer.
A smile makes life
more enjoyable.
A smile helps connect me
to family and friends.
A smile makes life
worthwhile for all.
Smile every day and
the whole world will
smile back at you.

Mary Elizabeth

I love spring and summer,
when new things happen.
Spring brings happy memories
of my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth.
Each April we would
celebrate her birthday
with adventures,
just us two.
When I was twelve,
we went to Mackinac Island.
It was a magical time.
We took many pictures.
I thought of her today
while riding my bike.
I could feel her love
in the wind,
in my heart.
She watches over me from the heavens.

Friends are Special

Friends are special,
all unique in their own way.
Being different from each other is good.
Friends are glad to share their stories
and their feelings.
Friends are there
when you need someone to love.
Friends are there to play games
and watch movies.
Friends are there to stay connected
through emails and phone calls.
Friends are there to talk and listen.
Friends are always grateful to have each other
during any time of their lives.