Glen’s Bio

Glen has been part of the Noorthoek Academy family for 14.5 years. He loves seeing his Noorthoek friends every week. He enjoys bowling, doing puzzles, eating pizza, and watching his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. Glen is proud of all his trophies and medals from his years as a Special Olympics athlete.

Glen’s Poetry

A Circle of Love

My wife Sandy
the love of my life,
makes me feel great.
Our adopted sister
and best friend Emily,
with her awesome dog,
make me feel special.
We are a true family,
a circle of love.

My Mother

My mother inspired me to walk again,
to compete in Special Olympics.
We would go places and do things.
She loved me unconditionally.
I was devastated when she died.
I still miss her.

Sunny Days

The fresh smell of plants,
flowers and trees.
Animals all about.
Cool wind blowing
on sunny days,
takes the stress away.