Gabrielle’s Bio

Gabrielle has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 9.5 years. She enjoys learning about different cultures and traditions. Gabrielle has a goal to learn to play the bagpipes.

Gabrielle’s Poetry

God Fearing

My cousin is a patient
at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
She has leukemia
leaving her feeling cranky.
Her loving family prays for her.
God is beside her,
smiling down
through her suffering.
He knows that her devotion
will grow stronger.

Good Things

My life is beautiful because of my mom,
who takes me everywhere and
keeps me safe.
My life is enriching because of Noorthoek.
I love the people that I meet,
studying about different cultures,
trying exotic foods..

Just Wondering

During the Holocaust,
it was either kill
or be killed.
In my past life,
I was in charge
of burying the living.
No one could save them.
I wonder where God was
while they suffered?
Where was He when
I had my car accident?

My Superpower

I am guided by my insight
and vision.
Dreams of the future.
All worries are calmed
by the bagpipe’s ancient tones.
Soothing me with reassurance.
Everything will be okay.


I am in pain.
I feel as if I am in danger of being hurt.
I am scared.
It feels uncomfortable.
I yell at the top of my lungs.
I push away very quickly.
They didn’t get it.
I still feel in danger of dying.
I feel trapped in this body,
even more afraid.

My Spirit

I worship a Norse goddess
connected to Saturn
by sound.
Bagpipes captivate me,
their melodious drones
meander into the very
depths of my soul.
Balancing my mind,
calming my body.
Freeing my spirit
to talk to me.