Gabe’s Bio

Gabe has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 17 years. He enjoys acting and learning about new cultures. Gabe is always up for an adventure.

Gabe’s Poetry

Desert Life

I’d like to live in the desert,
in the sunshine and heat.
I have air conditioning and
a cool swimming pool.
The sunsets are beautiful.

Mount McKinley, Now Denali

Spruce trees,
Quaking Aspen,
blueberry bushes.
A land made for
grizzly bears,
owls and squirrels.
Night skies colored
in northern lights.

My Beautiful Family

My family loves to laugh,
get crazy.
My Dad is a teaser
and a joker.
I love my family,
they make me happy.

Spring Came

I moved to Michigan.
I had no friends,
I was sad and lonely.
Like a flower under snow
that needs water and sun.
Sadly waiting for Spring.
Mom said,
“You will meet friends”.
I met Jack and
more friends.
Spring came and
I am happy.


I love my dog Lucy.
She sees me and
wags her tail,
barks and jumps.
She smells my hair and
licks my face.
She is happy and
I am happy
to be together.


Me, Beau and Sean
are the same.
We laugh at the same things.
We like the same TV shows.
We are brothers forever.