Erin’s Bio

Erin has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 15 years. Her favorite event is the Noorthoek Academy Celebration. Erin enjoys bowling, word searches, eating pizza, and spending time with her cat Myra. She is a fan of the New England Patriots. Erin is a good friend to others and is proud of always working hard.

Erin’s Poetry

New Friend

Walking through the woods,
down by the river,
feeling lonely and wishing for a friend.
I saw a bird.
She was talking to me.
I felt like I fit in.
We became best friends
forever and ever.

Dark to Light

The dark skies swirl
outside my window.
I’m watching for the rain.
Suddenly sunlight
bursts through the clouds.

A Waterfall

I watched the waterfall
flow down.
The water is cool,
crystal clear.
Not oily or muddy.
I sit and enjoy the sight,
feeling like a queen.

A Great Adventure

It was a scary night in Alaska.
Walking up and down the
mountain is hard.
So much snow,
deep and cold.
Dogs easily pull us through,
making it a great adventure.


Mountains to Climb

I climbed the mountain
all the way to the top.
It was cold and very windy.
Looking around,
I could see the whole world.
It was so pretty with
frosty mountains all around.
I would like to live here.
No matter what.

Violets and Roses

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Walking through the woods,
beautiful flowers all around,
watch me go by.

Flowers in Bloom

Yellow daisies poking through the ice.
Red roses shaped like hearts and
pink carnations paint a
pretty patch on the ground.
Beautiful flowers reminding me
of huge hugs and kisses.

The Starry Night Sky

Sitting on the lawn,
watching the stars sparkle.
They follow me inside,
shining through the windows,
looking at me.
Sharing their beauty.

Good Times

Enjoying family and friends.
Doing good things for people
you don’t even know.
Going to events.
Good times.