Elizabeth’s Bio

Elizabeth has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 7.5 years. She loves children and animals. Elizabeth sells Thirty One products and volunteers at a local fitness center. She prides herself on being helpful and a good friend to others.

Elizabeth’s Poetry

Bright Side

In our lives
we all face good times
and bad times.
In the tough moments,
look on the bright side.
Stay positive.
Someone is fighting a battle.

Woman Power

Whether they are career women
or stay-at-home moms,
women are strong and
can do anything.
I admire my mother.
She raised 3 out of 4
children with disabilities.
It was hard but she did
everything she could for us.
I also admire all parents
of disabled children.
Their job is not an easy one.

The Power of Me

I have a good memory;
remembering times with
friends and family.
Happy memories of love shared
when spending time together.

I am a caring person.
Taking time to listen,
praying for others,
helping with advice
and encouraging words.


Life is too short
to argue and fight.
Count your blessings,
value your friends.
Move on with your
head held high and
a smile for everyone.