Elizabeth’s Bio

Elizabeth has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 9.5 years. She is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and enjoys coloring, cross-stitching coasters and placemats, as well as doing word searches. Elizabeth volunteers for many local non-profit organizations. She is incredibly proud of the leadership work that she has done with the Christian Reformed church in a ministry that focuses on including everyone and encouraging each individual to use their different gifts.

Elizabeth’s Poetry

Lake Time

White clouds silently drift above
splashing water and laughter.
A hot, humid wind blows steady and strong,
smacking waves against the anchored boats
and playfully messing up my hair.
I’m alone at the lake,
tanning and meditating.
Joyful and thankful.


Let’s go to Italy
And have some adventures.
Explore the scenery.
Experience the culture.
Enjoy the music.


Imagine the sky.
Beautiful scenery.
Heat burns my skin.

The Netherlands

Lots of walking,
The ocean,
Cute towns,
good food.
Missing my Opa,
the policeman,
on days that he worked.

Friends Forever

My mind is focused,
thinking of the little things in life.
Have faith in yourself.
Always be you.
Don’t take for granted,
what you can do.
Feel the spirit inside.
See who you are.
Step outside of your comfort zone.
We will be friends forever.


Feel the air.
Take a deep breath.
Smell the roses in bloom.
Spring is here,
waiting in time.
Comfort and peace.
Nice music.
Feelings can be good.

On the Shore

Relaxing on the beach,
the warmth makes me tired.
Smelling the sand and
water makes me happy.
The ocean is calming.
Sweet scent of flowers,
a bird chirps nearby.
Fresh air.

Love and Joy

Spread the word
to all that come your way.
Bring love and joy
to one another.