Denise’s Bio

Denise just celebrated 23 years as a student of Noorthoek Academy. She received her honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2021. Her favorite Noorthoek Academy event is the Celebration which recognizes the accomplishments of each student. Denise enjoys doing puzzles and word searches. Her favorite food is nachos and she is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Tigers. Denise is a talented artist and is especially good at drawing. She hopes to one day be able to have her own car. Denise takes great pride in serving others, especially helping her mom and friends with yard work.

Denise’s Poetry

Hawaiian Wish

I wish that I could go to Hawaii,
see the ocean and volcanoes.
I would take pictures,
show them to friends,
then paste them on a board.
I would send postcards to
people all around the world
showing them an ocean
that is just so blue.

Thinking About Marge

Driving up to Traverse City,
spotting wild turkey as they
waddle along the expressway.
Warmed by a fire on the deck,
while watching a woodpecker
cling to the feeder,
tracking a shooting star
speed across the night sky.
Pause to look at the lake then
take a ride on a tall sail ship.
McDonald’s on the way home.
Walking around the pow wow,
looking at everything
while eating delicious ice cream.
I will miss Marge so much.


Saying Goodbye

This summer I am going
to Traverse City,
to say goodbye to
Marge W.
I liked her so much and
called her Grandma.
Good memories of sitting on the deck
talking with her about things.
Watching football while
eating popcorn.
Go Lions!
Win one for Marge!

Memory Lane

She called me daughter.
We would have lunch together.
She’d ask about my family,
give me Christmas presents.
She’d take me up north,
we’d eat at restaurants,
visit galleries and orchards.
Finish the day watching TV.
I enjoyed being with her.
Marge is in heaven now,
holding hands with Ted.
Lots of good times
on memory Lane.

Spring Flowers

Smell the flowers,
budding and blooming.
Violets, roses and
sunflowers growing tall.
Fun to pick for a
nice centerpiece
for the table.


I take hundreds of little pieces
connect them to each other,
and create a beautiful scene.
Then spread a little glue
and add a pretty frame.
This jigsaw puzzle is finished
and ready to sell as I
rake through the pieces
of the next one.

April the Giraffe

It was fun to watch April
on the giraffe cam.
She had arthritis
and passed away
at twenty years old.
I think about her
all the time.


Spring is in the air.
The sweet smell of
flowers blooming.
Nature’s perfume.