David’s Bio

David received an honorary degree from GRCC in 2018 and has attended Noorthoek Academy for 27 years. He enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and gardening. He loves to jet ski, drive his tractor and spend time with his dog named Dusty. David is especially gifted at helping other students and Special Olympic athletes. He is proud of his gold medals in downhill skiing. David works part time in Grand Rapids.

David’s Poetry

A Great Battle

A colossal squid
and sperm whale
battling it out
in the deepest,
parts of the ocean.

Country Living

I see rabbits hopping.
A brush pile is a perfect place
to hide.
I see birds flying
from tree to tree.
Living in the country,
is a beautiful thing.

Feeling at Home

can overcome any challenges.
Enjoying the peace and quiet outside
makes me feel at home.
Watching the animals outside
is one of my favorite things to do.

Pinecones Dropping

I hear pinecones,
dropping out of trees.
The wind blows them down,
hitting the driveway as they fall.
Down come the pinecones,
one by one,
falling from the trees.


Heroes are kind.
Heroes are friends.
Heroes are someone
you look up to.
My brother always
knows when I need him
and steps in to lend a hand.
Heroes help you out
in special ways.
A coworker that takes
time to listen.
Heroes make you feel good.
A Friendship Club leader
who calls to check in on you.
Heroes help you with
your problems.
Heroes are all around you.

Animal Talk

A horse whinnies.
A rooster crows.
A pig oinks.
A cow moos.
Farm animal talk.

Bring a Smile to My Face

Being with my family,
friends from work,
friends on the ski team,
brings a smile to my face.
They show me I am not alone,
that no matter where I go,
I will always have friends.
Some friends are like family.
When you have a lot of friends
it’s like a family
that really cares for you.

Peaceful Paradise

I hear the wind blowing through the trees.
The sun is shining in the blue sky.
The breeze feels nice when sitting
outside at the cottage by the lake.