Crystal’s Bio

Crystal has been part of the Noorthoek family for 2 years. She has a beautiful smile and is often called a “ray of sunshine.”

Crystal’s Poetry

Waterfalls and Rainbows

Behind a waterfall in Hawaii,
I see another waterfall
and a rainbow.
I hear water falling,
and feel warm splashes
on my skin.
There is no wind.
Just calm.
My heart feels joyful.

Life is Good

My boyfriend Scott,
Mom, Dad, Annette and Bob.
Helping with chores around the house.
My cool wheelchair, Daisy.
Housemates David and Ryan.
The staff that help take care of me,
Mama Brenda and niece Nicole.
Doing activities with my baby cuzzy.
Watching tv with my Dad.
Steve Harvey.
Life is good.