Cimberly’s Bio

Cimberly has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 2.5 years. She appreciates Noorthoek for empowering her and being a place where she is honored for being herself. Cimberly is gifted in showing empathy and kindness to others which makes her an amazing advocate for people who have disabilities. She volunteers for several local food pantries and enjoys serving her neighbors by cooking for them or assisting them with paperwork. Cimberly has a service dog named Bryce who is the unofficial Noorthoek mascot. She states that she is “proud that my disabilities and limitations are not in the driver’s seat. I use my strengths and abilities to persevere.” Her nickname is Sparky because she never gives up. Cimberly’s greatest joy is her 7 month old granddaughter.

Cimberly’s Poetry

Some Days

Head phase.
How one gets through the maze.
Might as well go on a craze.
Know your space.
We must change our haze.
Some days.
Welcome one’s head place.
We can be equipped
-take opportunity
-embrace simplicity
-remain hopeful.
It’s just a head phase
on some days.