Caleb’s Bio

Caleb has been a Noorthoek Academy student for 6.5 years. What he likes most about Noorthoek Academy is learning new things and going to Subway for lunch. Caleb works and volunteers part time. He enjoys watching Michigan State play basketball while eating pizza. Caleb was the homecoming king for his high school. He has a goal to make the world a better place.

Caleb’s Poetry

Red Sky Sunset

The sky shines clear and blue
with just a cloud or two,
puffy and white.
Drums beating.
Hula dancers swaying.
The sand stings my feet
as I walk with my family.
Looking forward to
watching a red sky sunset,
with them by my side.

Deep Water

Deep water is terrifying,
because of the sharks.
Sharks eat fish
and sometimes humans.
Sea horses are nice.
I like to watch them.


My talent is seeing
the best in people.
I am a skilled dancer.
It helps me cope
when I get stressed.
I want to be superman.
A loving hero and defender.
Hope is a good thing.
I don’t give up when I have
my family and friends
on my side.


Dandelions are yellow.
Red is really fire and
blue is the sky.
Wasteland is very hot,
like it was summer.

Camp Discoveries

Finding determination when riding a bike at camp.
Summoning bravery while riding horses or
jetting down long, speedy zip lines.
Feeling pride in sharing my knowledge
of state capitals and largest cities.
Sharing joy with songs sung from my heart.
Swimming with Isaac and Rachel,
canoeing or just hanging out with Tim.
Taking on new experiences,
exploring my strengths.
Happy to be me.

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that I will show
true grit in my community.
I have a dream that I will
become an actor.
I have a dream that I will
be a time traveler
able to visit my parents’ wedding
and my own birth.
I have a dream that I will
learn to drive someday
and own a new car.
I have a dream that
my family and friends
will be safe from Covid-19.
I have a dream that I will be nice to
everyone I have ever met and loved.

Traveling Man

The United States is big
and has 50 states.
I love to see the skylines of cities.
State capitals and their
largest cities are my hobbies.
I love traveling, seeing, and
visiting the United States.

I Am

I am nice.
I am wonderful.
I am remarkable.
I am helpful.
I am handsome.
I am happy, proud, and supportive.
I am smart.
I am positive.
I am dashing.
I am unique.
I am pleasant.
I am optimistic.
I am super.
I am respectful and kindhearted.
I am Caleb.

Walking Through a Forest

I see green trees with brown bark.
I see blue skies with clouds.
I can hear birds chirping,
the crunching of leaves when I walk.
I can breathe the fresh air.
I smell the pine trees.
I can hear the river streaming to the lake.
I feel happy
when I am walking through a forest.


Friends are…
like brothers and sisters to me.
Friends are…
happy people who make me feel loved.
Friends are…
memories of homecoming dance and prom.
Friends are…
classmates learning new ideas and having fun.
Friends are…
the best.