Caitlin’s Bio

Caitlin has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 5.5 years. Her favorite part of being a Noorthoek student is learning new topics each semester. She enjoys swimming and her favorite food is pizza. Caitlin is a proud fan of Michigan State University. She volunteers at a local health and fitness center working with children and members. Caitlin has been working on her goal of obtaining a GED.

Caitlin’s Poetry

I Love the Water

Yellow sun and blue skies.
Endless ocean waves.
Warm and happy
on the beach.
I love to be by water.

Beautiful Family

A beautiful niece,
an amazing family,
a nice brother-in-law.
The perfect family.

My Grandma

Kind and generous,
a great listener,
a good person.
She made the best
peanut butter fudge.
Sweet memories of
a lifetime of holidays
enjoyed together.
Now healthy and at peace,
resting in heaven’s glory.
She’s always in my heart,
my grandma.