Betty’s Bio

Betty is a long-time student at Noorthoek Academy having attended for 28.5 years. She received an honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2016. Betty gets excited to learn about new subjects every semester and enjoys helping other students. She is a talented photographer and enjoys doing crossword puzzles, playing checkers and Memory. Betty is a fan of the Detroit Tigers. She is proud to be an excellent helper to her friends and family as well as being an amazing great aunt to her nieces and nephew.

Betty’s Poetry

Power and Love

My mother was courageous.
No matter what she faced,
she never complained.

I overcame cancer three times.
I was scared when I first found out.
After radiation and some time,
I began to feel I could fight this.

I think courage is a bright, royal red.
Power and love.


I enjoy telling people that
it's my first time visiting someplace.
I like seeing new things
and talking about places
that I’ve been.
Like Meijer Gardens or
a ride on the tram.
A real good restaurant
for a glass of wine
with dinner.
The VanAndel Museum
and planetarium,
to see planets and
stars in the sky.
The Presidential Museum
filled with pretty pictures.
I take pictures for memories
of all the places I go.
My life is beautiful.

Happy to Learn

Learning about Italy,
their language,
different foods,
makes me happy.
Seeing how they
spend their holidays,
how they live their lives,
makes me feel like
I’m there
in Italy.


My sister gives me hope.
She makes me feel like
a rose planted in the backyard
that makes everybody happy.
My sister gives me confidence
because she trusts me to
do things for myself and my mom.
My aunt would inspire me to
work on my poetry so that
I could get better at writing.

North Pole

When I see a deer,
it makes me want to look in a mirror.
Standing on a pier,
carrying my gear,
I hear somebody that is near.
I look in the mirror and I spot a deer,
and her doe.
I am carrying a fishing pole.
I love to go outside
at the North Pole.
I know that it is very cold,
but what a sight to behold!

Butterflies and Rainbows

I take pictures of colored
butterflies on blossoms.
Like a rainbow on each flower.

Just Thinking...

My niece is having a baby.
Maybe when he’s
a little bit older,
he’ll be able to play
in his playpen with his toys,
because he’s a boy.

Bunny Thoughts

Seeing a bunny
makes me feel funny,
when it’s really sunny.
Bees are making honey
so I can make
a lot of money
for my honey.

My Spring Thing

When I think of spring,
I want to sing like
a bird taking wing.
Or to swing from a leafy tree,
flying high and free.
Around me the low droning
of a furry bumblebee,
buzzing from flower to flower,
running on honey power.

Independence Day

Hot dogs and apple pie.
Fireworks against the dark sky.
Sparklers glowing yellow bright.
Stars like shiny diamonds in the night.


Fall leaves.
Bright flowers.
Painted houses.
Birds and butterflies
against a clear blue sky.
A sunny day with
sparkling snowflakes.
Me and my camera.